Ultra- Color Glow - (173-175g)

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The best mid of 2023 is here!

Looking for a mid that pushes but doesn't flip and always has reliable fade?

Enter the Ultra.

With lower glide and consistent fade, the Ultra becomes a go-to instantly for many.

YouTube sensations Anthony Bodanza and Broderic Thompson are absolutely loving this disc, and we are confident it'll be an instant add for your bag.

As one of the farthest and hardest throwing players in the game, Alex Geisinger has this to say about it:

"The Ultra made my bag instantly when I saw the torque resistance it had as well as being able to push and finish exactly where I wanted it to. I have been searching for a mid like this for many years, and have finally found that unique flight path in the Ultra."

Molded in the same Color Glow plastic as our Glow Strike, The Ultra brings a lot to the table as our debut mid.

Backhand or forehand, the flatter profile offers endless shot shaping opportunities.

Grab one today and find out what the hype is about!