Trash Panda Inner Core (165-166g)

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Trash Panda Inner Core – One of our favorite new discs on the market, the Inner Core is the perfect approach putter. Great for touchy straight shots that will hold any angle, this putter is perfect for the woods. Made out of recycled plastic, the durability and feel on this is as good as any other premium plastic on the market. Jesse over at Trash Panda has a great vision for the future of the sport and making it more sustainable, the Inner Core is a first great step. Help make disc golf a more sustainable sport by grabbing the Inner Core, one of the best new discs on the market!

Trash Panda says this about the mold: “Our goal was to make a premium putter for everyone that flew dead straight, didn’t use a single additive, and remained 100% recycled and recyclable. And we feel we accomplished just that!..Weight: All discs are between 165-170g. (This disc is the greatest finesse coach out there.) Color: These are all blue. (The color is based on whatever the regrind / trash was we received.. As we like to say, we don’t choose the color, the color chooses us.) Stamps: The Inner Core does not have a hot stamp but takes dye like a dream. (Unfortunately, hot-stamps are an extremely wasteful part of the disc manufacturing process, and effect the future recyclability of our discs as well.)”