Reach - Color Glow - LE

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Style: Green/Blue

Launches in


It's time to glow!

Following in the footsteps of our Color Glow Strike & Ultra, The Color Glow Reach has arrived!

Similar to the Premium run in flight and feel, this luminescent addition to our lineup is sure to be a go-to for your game, and in your bag. 

Grab one today while you can, this run is very limited!

Our fourth mold may be our best yet!

Coming in with classic "Destroyer" flight numbers, we hit the nail on the head as this mold is really the "People's Destroyer".

It's impossible to release a fast distance driver with similar flight characteristics to the best selling disc of all time and not mention it, but that's where the comparison ends.

The Reach shines at it's ability to flip up and go a very long way. It is not too over stable yet it will come back and give you that reliable finish you expect with this type of driver, every time.

Forehand or backhand, the Reach lives up to the hype.