Innova Halo Valkyrie

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Style: blue 148


Halo Valkyrie – The Valkyrie was one of the 5 original CE production discs and is now featured as the queen artwork on Innova’s new playing cards. The Valkyrie has a very comfortable grip in the hand and an even better flight. A great disc for beginners to learn on or for more advanced players to shape some incredible shots. Great for rollers, hyzer flips, or nice long turnovers, the Valkyrie is sure to find a spot in your bag if given the chance. The Halo Valkyrie is an amazing feeling disc and the plastic is a touch more overstable in most molds. The burst looking pattern on Halo discs is beautiful and these discs fly amazing. Getting a decent amount of turn and some subtle fade at the end of the flight, these discs are perfect for players of all skill levels. Grab an Innova Halo Valkyrie today.