Kastaplast K1 2023 Glow Falk

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Style: teal 173-174


This initial run of 2023 Kastaplast glow is admittedly less vibrant than previous year's runs. This is kastaplast disclosed information. 

Do you need you glide? If so this disc is for you. Kastaplast has produced this 9 speed hybrid that is perfect for all arm speeds. With a turn of -2, it is great for anhyzers and hyzer flips that glide out for days for the bigger arms. For slower arms it will be a dead straight fairway that will help you carve the woods up. The Falk is a great feeling disc that should get lots of distance for a 9 Speed. Available in several types of plastic you should find a good feeling Falk that works for you. Fans of Swedish plastic will find a pace for this in their bag, whether for straight hyzer flip shots, rollers, or long anhyzers.