Axoim/MVP Simon Lizotte "Leapin Lizottl" Exclipse 2.0 Hex PRE ORDER

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*UPDATE 2/7/23: The next 40% of orders were sent out by MVP and will be shipped from us Friday 2/10/23. The last 20% have not yet been allocated by MVP. Please note: ANY and ALL delays associated with your order is due to MVP fulfillment in waves.

*UPDATE 1/25/23: MVP Fulfulled 40% of pre-orders for dealers to be fulfilled on Feb 3. The Remaining orders will be fulfilled as soon as MVP sends more product out.

Leapin’ Lizottl’ Eclipse 2.0 Hex – By now you have all heard the news, Simon Lizotte has signed with MVP Discs. As his first Team Series disc he has chosen the Eclipse 2.0 Hex, saying that it was one of his favorite discs so far in his first in the bag video. The Hex is the perfect compliment to the MVP Reactor, while the Reactor is a touch overstable, the Hex is a very, very straight midrange. The Leapin’ Lizottl’ Eclipse 2.0 Hex has the flight characteristics that are perfect for shaping any shot you want to throw. At high speeds it gets a touch of flip but never turns and burns. The glow plastic is some of the best in the game and it features a sweet new stamp after one of Simon’s pets, the Axolotl. Grab your very own Leapin’ Lizottl’ Eclipse 2.0 Hex today!!

Axiom says this about the mold: “Simon’s first Team Series disc with us had to be something he truly loved, we thought it might be a long process. We thought wrong! It was love at first throw for Simon and the Eclipse Hex, and we are beyond excited to bring this amazing midrange to GYROnauts everywhere. Depicting an extremely excited axolotl, the Leapin’ Liztottl’ is sure to be a fan favorite stamp – adorable levels are off the charts, straight from the mind of Mike Inscho! The Eclipse Hex is the laser straight midrange you’ve been looking for. With enough stability to handle power and torque without turning over, and the ability to shape some beautiful anhyzer lines as well, the Eclipse Hex is ready to carve any fairway you come across – including at night thanks to our industry leading Eclipse glow plastic! Celebrate one of the biggest moves in disc golf history with one of the best midranges on the market – take the leap with us!”

**Note: We expect these to ship to us in Late January/Early February at the very earliest.**

Not all retailers get them at the same time and we aren’t sure whether we will be first, last, or middle in receiving the pre-orders.